Welcome To L.O.S.T

The Lee O'Brien Solvent Trust

...is the only Scottish charity dedicated to Volatile Substance Abuse, more commonly known as Solvent Abuse.

Our Aim is to:

Prevent the deaths of more young people by offering education and support services to anyone affected by, or worried about Volatile Solve Abuse.


 Services we ProvideSolventprods

  • Family Meditation and Support
  • Sign Posting
  • Referrals to Other Drug and Alcohol Agencies
  • Public Talks
  • Multimedia Presentations Services

Founder John OBrien

john obJohn Started the Lost Organsitation after he found that his 16-year-old son had died from Solvent Abuse. John said "I was shocked that my own son and 2,000 other children have died from Solvents (Glue Sniffing) most people would have just walked away But I wanted to do something for all the mothers and fathers out there who lost their children". MORE...



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